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The Negative Side of Tequila

In order to combat the piracy of Tequila (tequila moonshine) the Mexican government has declared Tequila as a geographically indicated product that can only originate from Mexico specifically the region of Tequila Jalisco. Even in Tequila there are people who clandestinely distill false tequila and sell it at a cheap price. It is Ironic that the naming of Tequila as a geographically indicated product contributes to the degradation of the land in which the agave plant is born.

This is because under the regulations of the Mexican government and the Tequila Regulations Council (Consejo Regulador del Tequila) Tequila can only be produced from 100% "Agave Azul" agave. This means that only this particular verity of agave can be used to produce Tequila. That constant exploitation of that regional land has caused several issues like plague infestation and drought. This leads to a lack of Blue Agave more and more each year.

Many people try to justify this action by stating that the Aztecs have been harvesting the agave for thousands of years and the Spaniards for hundreds more. That is true but the Aztecs did not drink Tequila which is made from only a particular agave. And in the time of the Spaniards Tequila was a regional drink it did not have the popularity and the demand it has today.